INEC Foundation

Nanoelectronics is one of the most important branches of electronics which due to the advancement of nanotechnology and its impact on electronics, is currently considered as one of the strategic sciences in the world. A significant part of the global foresight has dedicated to nanoelectronics as one of the elements of superiority and power in the next decade, and a lot of investment has been made in this section. To improve the prospect of industry and related technologies to nanoelectronics in the country and also to aid technicians in this field, Iran Nano Electronic Center (INEC) was established by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) in 2018.

The main motive behind the foundation of this center is the potential market as well as elite manpower in the country for creation of a big revolution in the domestic nanoelectronics industry. The value chain which creates by INEC in this field, establishes a connection between academic and industrial technicians to obviate industrial needs and produce successful prototypes for entry into the domestic and abroad markets.


INEC Mission

The main mission of INEC is creation of a professional-supportive, technology-driven center with an experienced and skilled team of experts to serve the technicians and elites of this field which has placed the production as its first priority.


INEC Goals

In order to achieve these goals, the center has taken measures including: formation of a research and development team of academic elites to continually observe the technology, market and published global news in this field; Identification and introduction of nanoelectronics drivers relying on technologies with competitive advantage; Identifying the market and potential and actual customers both inside and outside the country; and finally, networking and gathering of elites in the center to manage research resources.


INEC Programs

INEC Working Fields

The INEC working fields are as follows:

 1.Nanosensors and Nanoactuators

2. Nanobiosensors

3. Solar Cells

4. Energy Storage Systems

5. Optoelectronics and Photonics

6. Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)

7. Terahertz

8. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Nanoionics

9. Nanorobotics and Nanogenerators

10. Power Tools and RF

11. Monitoring and Reducing Environmental Pollution (water, air, etc.)

It is worth mentioning that the technological platforms which are supported by the center will be on the agenda gradually and over time.


INEC Services

1. The main part of INEC services is providing technical and specialized services and advice which are as follows:

2. Supporting patent filing for winners of competitions and calls, and providing consultation in cooperation with Iranian Patent Center

3. Providing commercialization services according to the condition of technicians at each stage of product development, in cooperation with commercialization section of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC)


INEC Prospect


INEC Equipment and Infrastructure

Having the necessary infrastructure for developing nanoelectronics products is the most important feature of INEC. This infrastructure, so-called Fab, serves as INEC technical arm in product development process.

The limited access to the fabrication equipment in universities, research institutes and knowledge-based companies has slowed down the pace of progress in nanoelectronics, so we believe that easy access to the equipment will further accelerate the process of developing and expanding of nanoelectronics in the country.

Winners of competitions and calls which are held by INEC, at each stage of their product development can benefit from fabrication services that are offered by Fab.

Furthermore, technicians from different parts of country and even surrounding nations in case of need to use fabrication services can send their request to the center; after evaluation and approval by INEC technical team, they will be allowed to use our services.

In both cases, INEC has considered suitable advantages and discounts for domestic technicians in this field.


Technicians Collaboration Model with INEC

Production route at INEC includes three different steps: prototype, engineering sample, and reproducible production sample.

By holding competitions and calls in announced fields, INEC will support the selected technicians in three different steps up to fabrication of reproducible production sample. Selected technicians with the financial and spiritual support of the center as well as various advisory services, move on the way of product development and technology confirmation in the form of: receiving Nanoscale Certificate from INIC, achieving desirable features to compete in the market, promoting technical aspects, and approaching the global standards; and finally in the form of INEC spin-off companies produce their products in production scale.