News date : 2019-02-06
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Owlet Band Wearable Technology


Expectant mothers can wake up to a health report of their unborn child and be notified if heartbeat or movement are within normal preset ranges with the new Owlet Band. Specialized ultra-thin fabric sensors placed on the mother’s abdomen track her baby’s wellness from inside the womb.



Owlet's newest prenatal product gives expecting mothers real-time updates about their baby's well-being. The Owlet Band won two awards at CES 2019 for Wearable Technology and Tech to Change the World.


The Owlet Band wraps around the mother's abdomen and adapts to her changing body to connect her with her growing baby. Mothers can start using the monitor at 24 weeks and keep going until the baby reaches full-term.



When worn overnight, the band tracks the mother's sleeping position, monitors the baby's heart rate and kick count, and can send alerts about contractions. Sensors in the band take thousands of samples per second and sends the data to the mother's smartphone.

The band generates a wellness report the includes all the information ready for the next day.


Owlet Band
Track & Trend Baby's Heart Rate
Wellness Notifications & Trends
Automatically Count Kicks
Track Contractions
Record and Listen to Baby's Heart Beat
See Maternal Sleep Position



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