News date : 2019-01-28
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Stanley Black & Decker Pria ($500) home care companion

Health Gadgets

You may associate the name with power tools and home improvements, but Stanley Black & Decker is involved in many industries. The Pria is a home care companion device that can respond to voice commands. It’s also capable of serving up medication (up to 28 doses), giving reminders to people under care, and working as a video call device as it has a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone. Instead of the carer having to be there 24/7 which isn’t always possible, Pria can keep an eye on the patient or loved one and keep you informed remotely through an app on your phone or tablet.

The display comes to life with a pair of eyes and a vague mouth and they’ve tried to instill some personality in the female voice. Medication is dispensed into a cup, so Pria can record each dose taken. Pria is also cloud-connected and relies on Microsoft Azure on the backend, and it complies fully with the regulations surrounding medical data. The carer can set a schedule of reminders for anything, not just medication, and they can receive alerts if reminders are missed, so they know to check in. To make that easier, there’s a video call function in Pria that’s limited to the contacts you add.

The system can be administered by multiple family members or carers with different permissions, but you will also have to pay a $40 per month subscription fee. Pria could be a great way for carers to get a little more freedom or for concerned family members who live some distance away to keep an eye on a loved one. Pria will be available later this year.


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