News date : 2019-01-28
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Omron HeartGuide ($500) blood pressure monitoring

Health Gadgets

It’s not very easy to measure your blood pressure, but if you rely on a snapshot measurement at the clinic once a month you may not be getting the full picture about your health. That’s why Omron has developed a smartwatch capable of taking accurate blood pressure readings and sending the data to an app on your phone. There’s an expanding band inside the watch, just like a standard blood pressure cuff and you can use it to take manual readings, or even schedule it to take readings automatically, including at night while you sleep.

Anyone with high blood pressure and concerns about the risk of stroke will be interested in a device like this. Having a more complete picture of your blood pressure over time can be enormously helpful for your doctor. The HeartGuide watch also serves as a fitness tracker that counts steps and tracks your sleep. It can highlight incoming alerts from your phone, too.

It is Food and Drug Administration-cleared and it takes around 30 to 40 seconds to produce a reading. We saw it in action and it appears to work as advertised.


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