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INEC - Your System and Technology Partner in the Field of Smart Systems Integration by using Micro and Nano Technologies

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“Adaptivity is an essential property for the connected world of tomorrow. Intelligent components can independently recognize changes in their environment or within themselves, assess them and take appropriate action. As business partner, INEC develops key technologies for such adaptive systems and offers innovative as well as robust solutions.”


The particular strength of INEC lies in the development of smart integrated systems for different applications. INEC develops single components, technologies for their manufacturing as well as system concepts and system integration technologies and transfers them into production. INEC offers research and development services from the idea, via design and technology development or realization based on established technologies up to tested prototypes.


Very few foundries are able to provide comprehensive services from concept design to marketable products.

INEC provides these foundry services for individual steps in process or technology modules for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) while covering the entire value chain from technology and product development to pilot fabrication. Our services comprise feasibility studies, simulations of critical parameters and process flows, single process development design and prototyping of low- to medium-volume production. We conduct complete electrical and nonelectrical tests and reliability examinations as well as microsystem characterization. We provide broad expertise in manufacturing standard MEMS such as pressure sensors.

INEC customers benefit from both our extensive experience in R&D and fabrication as well as our expertise in diverse fields of application.


INEC  covers the area of silicon-based microelectronics and microsystem technology. Integrating new material systems for MEMS and NEMS sensors and actuators and combining them with CMOS processes is one of the INEC’s main focuses.

These technologies allow, in particular, the development and pilot manufacturing of intelligent sensor nodes, cyber-physical systems, and hardware-oriented Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions. The range of technologies is complemented with high-frequency-capable MEMS and SiGe elements.



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