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INEC Welcomes International Collaborations

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International Collaborative Research and Innovation Program


Research and Innovation are key drivers of competitiveness, jobs, sustainable growth and economic progress of developed countries and consequently there has been a determined focus on fostering new ideas and supporting R&D teams that tackle significant social challenges to commercialize high-tech products in an ever-changing world.

Iran’s potential market and creative human resources have made it prone to enter in the Micro and Nanoelectronics industry. Hence, the major goal of “Vice Presidency for Science and Technology” is to develop the electronics industry which results in making high-tech prototypes and introducing them to the markets with significant value-added technology. Our ambition is to create eligible knowledge-based companies capable of producing high-tech products in this field of technology.


The Nanoelectronics Fab, which has been founded with the help of Iranian semiconductor experts, has facilitated the fabrication and development of electronic ideas or concepts since its inception. Also, “Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council” has founded a professional technology-based funding hub (Iran Nanoelectronic Center (INEC)) to motivate and accelerate startup teams to design and fabricate commercial Nanoelectronic devices.

In this way, INEC roadmap has been provided for a smooth transition towards outstanding Research and Innovation Programs for Horizon 2020. According to INEC roadmap, to become competitive and play an important role at world level, Iran welcomes the strong and synergistic international science and technology collaborations.


We aim at developing mutually beneficial partnerships by extending views beyond research to cover innovation issues of common interest in high-tech products, and developing technology transfer channels between our technology hubs and foreign research centers all around the world.


INEC will be proud to have a strong and mutually beneficial international science and technology partnership with all research centers, universities and high-tech companies worldwide.


Areas of Interest:

·        CMOS and Beyond CMOS

·        Fab Equipment (Lithography, MOCVD, Ion Implanter, etc.)

·        Electron Microscopy Equipment

·        Sensors and Actuators (MEMS, NEMS, etc.)

·        Biosensors and wearable sensors

·        Solar cell

·        Energy Storage Devices (Batteries, Supercapacitors, etc.)

·        LED

·        Microfluidics, Nanofluidics, Nano-Ionics

·        Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)/ Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)

·        Terahertz Devices

·        Water desalination and Air pollutant removal

·        Smart City/Smart mobility and roads/Smart health/Smart energy

·        Flexible and Printable Electronics

·        Cancer Detection and treatment


INEC Cooperation Model:

1- Identify and share best practices

2-Technology transfer in areas of interest

3- Collaborating to have join-students, professors, technical staffs and activities.

4-Collaborating to improve Iran’s Nanoelctronic infrastructure (FAB)

5-Creating Cooperative R&D teams

6-Accelrating Iran’s Nanoelectronic roadmap and reducing time to market of products.

7-Mutual Benefit from network of expertise

8-Addressing technical solutions to specific problems such as water crisis, air pollution, energy, cancer treatment, that have a global character, on the basis of mutual interests and benefits.

9- Support a new set of activities of mutual benefit to bridge the gap between research and commercialization at global market.

10- Cooperation in view of developing the translation of research results into innovative commercial products and services.

11- Strengthen market competitiveness, especially through improved shared access to knowledge, expertise and markets due to the potential of both groups.

12- Implementation of predesigned programs and joint activities including appropriate funding models, technology grand challenges, Grant supporting programs and etc.

13- Organize activities (e.g. workshops, electronic forums, and technology tours)

14-Project funding for Iranian’s professors or experts employed at foreign research centers, universities or high-tech companies.

15-Project funding for Iranian’s professors or students graduated from foreign research centers or universities.

16-Supporting Iranian’s professors, students and experts in mass production of innovative and high-tech ideas, concepts or prototypes.


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