News date : 2019-01-25
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Follow your Heart

Smart Patches

Analyze your heart - anywhere, anytime.


Introducing the Coala Heart Monitor, a unique medical system that records your heart sounds and ECG in just a minute. Smart, cloud-based algorithms analyze instantly and detect for Atrial Fibrillation (based on P-wave detection and RR variability), 9 other arrhythmia's and the ability to help detect murmurs.

Results presented in the Coala App and Coala Care Cloud Portal within seconds. Connect your doctor to the Coala Care Portal for smart remote assessments.

No more sticky electrodes, patches or wires. No limits in time. You're in control, engaged and it's simply smart medical technology for your heart.

Coala Life's first, multi-award winning solutions were launched in 2017 to enable daily monitoring and analysis of the heart. The Coala is available in both consumer and professional configurations to help predict and aid the early detection of heart diseases, and with direct connection to caregivers, based on the user's permission. Ground-breaking digital services open for everyone, based on more than 10 years of Swedish R&D.

Coala Life is backed by industry leaders and approximately 12 million USD in funding. The mission is to develop the first medical solutions that are based on AI and the power of he individual to predict and detect early signs of heart disease, alleviate worries and reduce the burden on healthcare. The future is here now.


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