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Ranking of Countries in Nanotechnology Publications in 2016

According to statistics published on StatNano website, a number of about 137500 nanotechnology articles have been indexed in Web of Science (WoS) Database by the end of December 2016, which is 9.5% of all articles indexed in this database in 2016. China has a share of 34% while USA has a share of 16%.

     China keeps the ascending trend in the publication of nanotechnology articles, to the extent that the number of Chinese nanotechnology articles is 2 and 1.2 times greater than that of the United States and European Union, respectively. India, South Korea, and Germany possess the third to fifth ranks. By having a growth rate of 0.8 % in the share of its nano-articles, Iran possesses the sixth rank higher than Japan. At the end of 2011, Japan possessed the fourth rank in the world in the publication of nanotechnology articles, but now it possesses the seventh rank due to the decrease in the number of its nanotechnology articles. In addition to Japan, other countries such as USA, South Korea, France, and Russia experienced a decrease in the share of nanotechnology articles in 2016 in comparison with the previous year.



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