2019-02-06 Owlet Band Wearable Technology

Expectant mothers can wake up to a health report of their unborn child and be notified if heartbeat or movement are within normal preset ranges with the new Owlet Band. Specialized ultra-thin...

2019-02-06 ZOMEKIT for Apartment Buildings

ZOMEKIT converts apartment complexes into energy grid-aware, smart buildings providing energy savings and revenue generation. The ZOME gateway with integrated blockchain support, transforms...
Smart Cities

2019-01-28 Stanley Black & Decker Pria ($500) home care companion

You may associate the name with power tools and home improvements, but Stanley Black & Decker is involved in many industries.
Health Gadgets

2019-01-28 Omron HeartGuide ($500) blood pressure monitoring

It’s not very easy to measure your blood pressure, but if you rely on a snapshot measurement at the clinic once a month you may not be getting the full picture about your health.
Health Gadgets

2019-01-27 INEC - Your System and Technology Partner in the Field of Smart Systems Integration by using Micro and Nano Technologies

“Adaptivity is an essential property for the connected world of tomorrow. Intelligent components can independently recognize changes in their environment or within themselves, assess them and take...
Center News

2019-01-26 INEC Welcomes International Collaborations

Research and Innovation are key drivers of competitiveness, jobs, sustainable growth and economic progress of developed countries and consequently there has been a determined focus on fostering new...
Center News

2019-01-25 Follow your Heart

Analyze your heart - anywhere, anytime.
Smart Patches

2019-01-25 App-Based Healthcare

Soon software that helps address chronic illness will expand dramatically as patients with health problems benefit from technology’s advances.
Applications In Healthcare

2019-01-06 Robot, MD: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Health

For decades, science fiction has inspired rich forecasts of what the future will look like. Technologies like virtual and augmented reality, digital voice assistants and connected devices were...
Artificial Intelligence

2018-08-07 Ranking of Countries in Nanotechnology Publications in 2016

According to StatNano Database, about half of nanotechnology articles have been published by China and the United States in 2016. India, South Korea, and Germany possess the next ranks in this...

2018-08-07 Production of Nanocellulose from Sawdust: Creation of a Job Opportunity and Wealth

Sawdust (chopped wood) is almost worthless but it can be turned into nanocellulose. Creating of a production line of nanocellulose in wood cutting factories can convert worthless material to...

2018-08-07 Commercial Engine Oils with Fullerene and Nanodiamonds

Some engine oils presented to the market contain nanomaterials additives to improve their performance in lubricating the engine. Fullerene and nanodiamond are among the most commonly used...

2018-08-06 Nanotechnology in Germany: Market Report

Germany is located in Central Europe. It covers a total area of 357,022 km2 and has a population of 81,305,856 as of 2012. Germany has a social market economy that is considered the fifth largest...