Imaging with Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Microscopic Imaging Equipment

This microscope is used for analysis of morphology, crystalline structure (arrangement of atoms in a crystal), and composition of the samples.

Sample preparation: particle preparation for study by TEM is performed in two ways.

1.     Immersion of the grid into the powder

2.     Addition of a drop of colloidal suspension onto the grid

In this case, sometimes before preparation, a brief ultrasonication is used to separate particles from each other.

Sample preparation details:

In TEM, the sample density should be up to a level that the electrons can pass through it to some extent. There are several ways to prepare this kind of sample. The ultra-thin sections of the sample are cut and either fixed in plastic or frozen. Another sample preparation method is the isolation of sample, and study of a solution of desired molecules or viruses by TEM.

Device operation modes: Bright-field imaging, Dark-field imaging, and Selected Area Electron Diffraction Pattern.

Powder, solution, and prepared samples onto the grid (including biological samples, etc.) can be analyzed.




  • Imaging of Typical Sample

    Unit Each Sample Amount : 2,500,000 Rls.
  • Imaging of Magnetic Sample

    Unit Each Hour Amount : 3,000,000 Rls.
  • Imaging of Prepared Sample

    Unit Each Hour Amount : 2,200,000 Rls.