Vertical Growth of Carbon Nanotubes by Direct Current Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (DC-PECVD)

Growth Equipment

This device is designed for chemical vapor deposition using a DC power supply. The device working process is developed by INEC researchers, in a way that it able to show high ability in the field of carbon structures fabrication. High voltage power supply for plasma generation, mechanical vacuum pumps for creation of low pressure, quartz tube furnaces for reaching high temperature, and automatic control of pressure, flow, temperature and voltage are the main specifications of this system. Using this device, with the aid of plasma and control of gases flow (and with having designed process), completely vertical carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc., can be synthesized. The device maximum working temperature, minimum pressure, and maximum voltage are 600 °C, 0.001 Torr, and 1000 V respectively; and the input gases are silane, hydrogen, and methane. The device temperature accuracy is 1 °C. With the aid of this device, fabrication of a variety of sensors, such as humidity sensors, pressure sensors, and biosensors based on carbon nanotubes will be possible.





  • Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on the Si, Au, Quartz Substrates

    Unit Each Run Amount : 3,500,000 Rls.