Growth of Silicon Oxide by Thermal Furnace

Growth Equipment

Oxidation is one of the most important and inevitable processes in the manufacturing. This process is based on putting a sample (in many cases silicon) in a quartz tube furnace, and increasing temperature up to 1200 °C in a gas atmosphere such as oxygen or other  compounds like NO; during this process a layer of silicon oxide grows on the sample. In many cases high purity oxygen is used to perform oxidation, which results in one of the best possible qualities. This quality is suitable for fabrication of field effect transistors, and a better alternative method has not been found yet. It is worth mentioning that in the most advanced technologies, oxygenated compounds are used instead of oxygen. In another method, water is used for growth of wet oxide, which leads to the growth with lower quality and faster rate. This method is also appropriate for creating insulating layers with good quality, and as a platform for fabrication of sensors.

The high temperature furnace is particularly used for growth of a uniform oxide layer that is suitable for gate oxide of field-effect transistors. The maximum working temperature is 1200 °C, and the process can be carried out in the presence of an inert gas or other gases. The precise control of gases, as well as developed process to create reproducible layers (especially in gate oxide application) are of its privileges.

The device temperature accuracy is 1 °C; also three thermal zones noticeably facilitate the uniform distribution of temperature inside the chamber. This furnace provides the ability to grow dry oxide and wet oxide up to 150 and 200 nm, respectively. This furnace provides the ability of dry oxide and wet oxide growth up to 150 and 200 nm, respectively.




  • Growth of Wet Oxide up to 200 nm

    Unit Each Run Amount : 1,800,000 Rls.
  • Growth of Dry Oxide up to 150 nm

    Unit Each Run Amount : 2,000,000 Rls.