Wet Etching of Patterned Metal Layers

Etching Equipment

After lithography, emergence and post-baking, depending on the metal layer on the sample, regions which had not been coated by photoresist need to be etched. This step is done using chemical etchants via a process known as wet etching. For this purpose, etchants of different metals such as gold, titanium, nickel, chromium, copper, etc., are used in an isolated environment called wet bench. Availability of mixer, hot plate and possibility of rapid wash after etching are the main features of this table.

Processes such as emergence of mask used in lithography (one of the main processes of nanoelectronics), etching of involved layers in the manufacturing process (with nano- or micrometer thicknesses) using chemical etchants (acid and base), etc., are conducted using this table.


  • Wet Etching

    Unit Each Sample Amount : 200,000 Rls.