Deposition by Coupled Radio Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (RF-PECVD) System

Deposition Equipment

This device is used for deposition of semiconductor layers such as amorphous silicon, silicon nitride (SiN) or silicon oxide. The deposition temperature can be adjusted from 150 to 350 degrees Celsius; furthermore for improving deposition process a 300W radio frequency (RF) generator can be used.

Since achieving a proper thickness and good quality depends on providing a suitable combination of gases such as hydrogen, silane, ammonia, nitrogen and nitrogen oxide, as well as controlling the plasma power and duration time, substrate temperature and the pressure inside the chamber, this system is equipped with five Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs). The deposited layers using this method are basically amorphous. Since the deposition temperature in this technique is much lower than 750 °C, deposition of silicon and silicon nitride (SiN) layers onto the glass and flexible substrates which are used for creation of low temperature devices such as field-effect transistors will be possible.




  • Deposition of Si, SiO2, SiOxNy Layers up to 1 μm Thickness

    Unit Each Run Amount : 5,000,000 Rls.