Deposition by Electron Beam System

Deposition Equipment

This system is one of the most important and valuable devices in each semiconductor fabrication unit. In this system, metals using electron beam or thermal elements are heated until they reach to the evaporation point. According to the vacuum condition inside the chamber (vacuum in the range of microTorr), the deposition process will be performed in the line of sight; based on this feature, in addition to surface coating, this system can be used as a tool for creating specific layers like multi-layers.

This system takes advantage of an electron beam source and two thermal evaporation sources which makes the simultaneous deposition of different materials possible. Furthermore, to measure the thickness of a layer, a quartz crystal thickness monitor is used. The system is programmed by the computer and meanwhile is controlled during the work by the user.





  • Deposition of Cr, Si, SiO2, Ni, Al, Cu, Ge, Ag, Au, In, Ti Layers with 0.5 nm Accuracy

    Unit Each Run Amount : 3,500,000 Rls.