Technical Clinic

Iran Nano Electronic Center (INEC) based on its supportive goals of technicians and researchers of the nanoelectronics field, has established an equipped engineering clinic which is ready to provide a variety of specialized and technical services to the students, faculty members, research institutes, knowledge-based companies and technicians of this field. Furthermore, INEC has outlined its supportive mission to equip the clinic and provide supportive packages for using its services.

Technical Clinic services are provided in different eight sections as below:

1. Consultation, training, and extension of idea and concept

INEC by taking advantage of skilled and experienced professionals in industry, is ready for consultation, feasibility, holding brainstorming meetings, and training of technicians’ ideas.

2.Conceptual design and system analysis of product

2.1.            Feasibility and Design

Feasibility Studies


System Definition

Block Diagram Design

Major Component Selection

Specification Generation

Hardware specs

Software Specs

Acceptance Test Procedure Definition

(DFMEA) Design Failure Mode Effect Analyse


2.2.            Reverse Engineering

Circuit Simulation and Analysis

Material Analysis

MCU/IC Unlocking

Reverse Engineered Sample Fabrication


2.3.            Redesign

Redesign with the aim of reducing product price

Redesign with the aim of increasing efficiency, weight loss or power consumption (optimization of circuit parameters)

Redesign with the aim of reducing circuit layers

Redesign because of outdated design and/or technology and the need to keep pace with the modern technology

3.Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Sample


Circuit Simulation

Signal Integrity Simulation

Schematic Design

PCB Design and fabrication


Flexible Circuit Design

Analog/Digital/RF Circuit Design

Microcontroller/Processor based Circuit Design (FPGA, DSP, ARM, PIC, AVR, …)


Signal Condition Circuit Design

Data Logger, Data Acquisition Circuit Design

Wireless/GSM/GPS Connectivity

Power Management (battery/AC/DC)

Component Assembly and Standard Tests




3D Modeling

Detailed Mechanical Design

Exploded view

Load Simulation

Stress, Strain and Fatigue Simulation and analysis

4.Industrial Design

Sketch+Idea Generation

3D Modeling


Rapid Prototyping


Mass Production

Fabrication of Front Panel, Connector, Box, ...

5.Software Design

Backend Software Design

Database Design

Mobile Apps

GUI Development

Application Software


Embedded Software Development

Device Drivers

RTOS -VxWorks, Embedded Linux, QNX, WinCE

Image Processing


6.Laboratory Services, Testing, and Verification

Bed of Nails Testing

Functional Testing

Burn-In Testing

Customized TestStand/Fixture Design


Environmental Testing


MTBF Calculation

Endurance Test

7.Services for receiving different Type Tests and technical certificates required for product commercialization


8.Services for semi-industrial and industrial production

Project Management

Production Planning

Parts Procurement

PCB Fabrication

Component Assembly (DIP, SMD, BGA, …)

Test and Debug

System Integration